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Stage All Set for MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals

Excitement is building! Spectacular opening ceremony, nail-biting competitions, mind-blowing gaming rigs and tons of fun activities [MSI, HQ] Today on Friday, August 28, the keenly anticipated MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals kicks off with a sensational opening ceremony, a big audience, all-star casters and host as well as top eSports players from across the globe. Finally, 4 days of non-stop action is on the line! “We are grateful for our un... More

Kick the Game, Rock the World!MSI Partners with eSports Team K1ck

(MSI eSports News Report) According to a recent survey by Price Water House Cooper (PwC), PC gaming is going to be bigger than ever. Thanks to the growing eSports trend, worldwide PC games sales are supposed to come to $29 billion by the end of 2016. Early in 2009, MSI started a sponsorship program and has now sponsored more than 10 professional eSports teams worldwide (; MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena) 201... More

MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand FinalsThe Cynosure of Gaming World!

Top players gathered together in USA, sleepless in Seattle [MSI, HQ] With less than 5 days in counting, the MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 event will be reaching its final stage as top teams and players from all around the world flies in to Seattle to meet at PAX Prime, where they will compete for the title of champions in Heroes of the Storm™ and StarCraft® II and for an attractive prize pool of $75,000 US dollars. Notable names i... More

MSI GODLIKE OC Tournament – 3D BattleBattle like a God to win a GODLIKE Setup!

MSI, world leading manufacturer in motherboard and graphic cards is pleased to announce the MSI GODLIKE OC Tournament – 3D Battle! This new overclocking competition is held at in partnership with HyperX, give a chance to all MSI motherboard users to Battle like a God to win an incredible MSI GODLIKE Setup, including the latest MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING, Intel Core i7 CPU, HyperX memory and SSD! The... More


TooDming and MacSed make it through the China & Japan Qualifier while Polt and Hydra breeze through the America Qualifier! China & Japan Qualifier Despite the namesake, Stage 2 of the China & Japan Qualifier was lacking Japanese players as the Chinese players, most notably TooDming, exerted their dominance in Stage 1 of the qualifier. Going into Stage 2, we saw both TooDming and MacSed nar... More


All the qualifier tournaments for the prestigious MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 is over. All that is left in preparation of the main event is the unveiling of the directly invited team for Heroes of the Storm and the six players for StarCraft II. Invited for Heroes of the Storm is Chinese team Edward Gaming. Proving to be one of the most stable professional teams in the Chinese scene currently, they will be backing up their fellow represe... More