General Issues

Before you ask for help, please check those issues below :

1. Your might find your problems be discussed in the forum or you could find answer in the Good Article forum written by moderators or power users. You can also post a message there to get help. Search in MSI Forum.
2. The following links list some FAQ which we have received from the technical support e-mails frequently.
3. Please read your product manual first. Most problems could be solved by the manual. If you lost your manual, then ...
4. Before you update BIOS, please read the following description if you are not familiar with the process.

BIOS recovery feature


Download Problem

Before you use Download Service, please check those issues below :

1. MSI driver CD provides all you need for your products with easy installation via auto-run, and read the manual available in your product CD for detailed instructions.
2. Try to use Liveupdate online to check the newest driver versions for your products automatically.
3. If you know what products you have, you can go to Keyword Search to find your drivers.

Check Warranty Information

Before you use Warranty Service, please check those issues below :

1. Please contact resellers or retailers that sold the motherboards or products to you. They could provide early help to your problems. Find out their locations:
2. Check out warranty terms, serial number illustration and limited warranty condition on our warranty service center.

3. Want to know if there is any MSI office near your country?